Twitter 업데이트 2010-04-04

  • 15 marginal vs. 3 good papers
    what's your choice? #
  • #
  • Right next to me in the office sits literally 100 soda cans. Can't resist drinking one every few hours. Research spoils me. #
  • the best google search keyword that describes me is 'juho kim stanford' there are too many juho and kim's in Korea… need be more specific #
  • research, composition, cartoon, design, writing. Any creative task starts w/ inspiration. what's the secret sauce for successful creators? #

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Author: mcpanic

어떻게 하면 보다 사람냄새 나는 기술을 만들 수 있을까 고민하는 Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) 연구자 / 컴퓨터과학자 / 새내기 조교수