Twitter 업데이트 2010-05-09

  • should stop forgetting simple vi commands… repeatedly losing productivity 🙁 or should design a command memory aid or something #
  • 'versus' if often not the right way to describe the relationship between two seemingly opposing views. Watch the interplay between the two! #
  • Tweeps you might like: Korean celebs, Tweeps with similar followers: CS friends top the list for me. #
  • the effect of Twitter on misinterpretation and misleading might be an interesting research topic. provoking title: the curse of 140 letters #
  • 김주호 이병 예비군 교육훈련 소집통지서 또 나왔네-_-;; 나의 직책은 1111 이구나. 한번 가보고 싶기는 하다 쩝 #
  • 저, <IT당 (아이티당 – IT人들의 모임)> 참가신청했습니다. #ITdang #
  • a tall americano and a triple espresso in a venti cup over ice – a typical order nowadays at Starbucks #
  • gotta use this free time I've never had for 1.5 years more wisely. any suggestions? #
  • #
  • Lost 5kg(11lb) in a few weeks. The last few days were a hell but it was worth the effort. 2 more to go till my end-of-the-academic-yr goal! #
  • Today's plan in sf: lunch @ pizzeria delfina and icecream @ bi-rite. Then find a decent cafe to get some reading done. Any cafe suggestion? #

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