Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

high-speed broadband Internet access over a wireless connection

IEEE 802.16 Air Interface Standard에 기반

point-to-multipoint architecture

인구가 집중되어 있지 않은 지방에 광대역 인터넷 서비스 구축 용이

Wi-Fi와 연동가능

doesn’t require a direct line of sight between the source and endpoint

service range of 50 kilometers.

Early products are likely to be aimed at network service providers and businesses, not consumers.

base stations will eventually cover an entire metropolitan area, making that area into a WMAN and allowing true wireless mobility within it, as opposed to hot-spot hopping required by Wi-Fi.

True roaming cell-like wireless broadband, however, is IEEE standard 802.20, which is compatible with WiMAX.

The original WiMAX standard, IEEE 802.16, specifies WiMAX in the 10 to 66 GHz range. 802.16a added support for the 2 to 11 GHz range, of which some parts are unlicensed internationally and other require domestic licenses. Most business interest will probably be in the 802.16a standard, as opposed to the higher frequencies.

wi-Fi보다 개선된 bandwidth 활용과 encryption

spectrum under 5-6 MHz is needed to provide reasonable NLOS performance and cost effectiveness for PtM (point to multi-point) deployments

shared data rate of up to 70Mbps, simultaneously supporting more than 60 businesses with T1-type connectivity and well over a thousand homes at 1Mbit/s DSL-level connectivity.

easy solution for last-mile broadband

Last-mile technology is any telecommunications technology, such as wireless radio, that carries signals from the broad telecommunication along the relatively short distance (hence, the “last mile”) to and from the home or business. Or to put it another way: the infrastructure at the neighborhood level. In many communities, last-mile technology represents a major remaining challenge to high-bandwidth applications such as on-demand television, fast Internet access, and Web pages full of multimedia effects.

WiMax requires a tower, similar to a cell phone tower, which is connected to the Internet using a standard wired high-speed connection, such as a T3 line.

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